Credible reporting on climate and development impacts of investments

Impact investing is on the rise. New instruments like Climate Bonds and Social Impact Bonds are emerging as ways to finance positive change with greater certainty. However, a lack of credible tools for reporting on impact has led to a risk of green-washing, or its modern successor, “SDG washing.”

SustainCERT creates certification pathways under Gold Standard for the Global Goals for funds and impact investors seeking to make meaningful contributions to a more sustainable and resilient world.

Due diligence and impact reporting at Fund- or portfolio-level

Certifying against Gold Standard for the Global Goals for funds investing in sustainable infrastructure and high-impact climate and development programmes helps de-risk investment and enables credible, comparable reporting on climate and sustainable development impacts.

Embedded certification requirements in fund’s investment criteria and due diligence for robust but simple early-stage assessment of risks and estimation of development outcomes.

Pragmatic monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) of project performance and aggregation of impact assessment and assurance at fund and portfolio level to streamline certification and optimise costs.

Potential for monetisation (carbon credits, Renewable Energy Certificates, other Certified SDG Impacts for results-based finance) to attract additional finance and enhance the return profile of investments.

Examples of investments suitable for certification include:

  • Infrastructure projects, such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable transport, or waste management
  • Community-based programmes for energy access, water access, sanitation or health
  • Sustainable land use initiatives, including forestry, agriculture, and ecosystem conservation and restoration